Tipping in the United States: a must for restaurant tables

Before being able to undertake a trip to the USA, and any other country for that matter, it is essential to get up to date with its customs and habits. Originally from European countries, tipping has spread very quickly throughout the United States, and has become a part of American culture. It is used in several fields of activity such as restaurants. Tipping in the United States is a real part of income for some workers who earn more or less little.

What is tipping? To whom is it attributed?

Tipping, in French, is known as tip in the United States. Tip means among other things "to improve performance". That is to say, it is money awarded to a person in appreciation for the service they have provided you. This generous gesture is recommended for tourists, as it is highly appreciated by Americans. The tip is all the more appreciated because, as a rule, service is not neglected at all in this country, hence the importance of tipping in the USA. When living in or visiting the United States, it is important to imbibe the habit of tipping, otherwise it may be considered rude. Tipping is quite common in restaurants all over the world, but these are not the only places where it is practiced. Especially in the USA, a service rendered rhymes with tip, whether it is change or a ticket, whether it is given to a waiter, a baggage handler, a driver, etc. It is in fact a way to thank the person who served you. Thus, you estimate the amount of the tip based on the satisfaction you feel with the service. But it also depends on the mood and kindness of the customer. Although in America, the amount of the tip is governed by customary regulations.

Tipping in American restaurants

Waiters and waitresses rely heavily on their tips to round out their end of the month. They will pay particular attention to their performance. Indeed, their tip will vary according to the quality of their service. It should be noted that tipping always takes place, unless the service was really disastrous. On the other hand, the question is to know how much should be put on the table before leaving the restaurant. In principle, the service is evaluated through the waiter's performance, namely : - His politeness: this includes good manners, the way he greets and talks to customers, the smile he displays. - His efficiency in the execution of his service. A good waiter must be attentive to his customers, especially for people with special needs or tastes. - His speed: which implies the speed at which he takes the order, and the speed at which he serves food and drinks.

How much should be left as a tip?

Based on this quality of service, the customer must calculate the tip with the amount of the bill, which in the United States is called the check. As a minimum, he should give 10% of this amount as a tip. The standard percentage is 15%, but if the service has been exceptional, and you are more than satisfied, you can tip up to 20% of the overall score. If you pay in cash, simply slip the tip in with your entire score. If you pay by credit card, you must first tick on the bill to mark that you are tapping. The USA is also known for its many fast food restaurants and tea/coffee shops. If in restaurants, it is very badly seen not to tip, it is not necessarily the case in these places. However, it is customary to tip 10% of your bill to the person who served you the coffee or snack. This amount will be added to his or her salary.

Tipping in the U.S.: Income or Supplement?

If you decide to eat in a restaurant in the USA, you should never forget to add a tip to the bill. It is intended for the person who served you. It would be an outrage not to leave anything behind when the service has gone as smoothly as possible. Also, keep in mind that this sum constitutes the major part of the salary of American workers. Staff such as waiters and beauticians are paid minimum wage. That is why they depend on those tips. In fact, tips are more valuable than the fee they can get in a day. This is also the reason why some American establishments have made the tip an obligation. One of the peculiarities of the tip in the USA is that it is declared and therefore taxed. Indeed, the tip is considered as an income in its own right. This is why it is subject to tax in the USA. The amount of the tip is defined beforehand by a percentage in relation to the service rendered. This means that if you have the moral unconsciousness to tip below this threshold, you expose this person to paying taxes calculated with a higher amount than what you really gave him/her.
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