Tipping in the United States: a must for restaurant tables

Before being able to undertake a trip to the USA, and any other country for that matter, it is essential to get up to date with its customs and habits. Originally from European countries, tipping has spread very quickly throughout…

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What makes up the typical American breakfast?

The morning meal is of great importance. Each country often has its own specialties. For Americans, breakfast is a typical and valuable meal. They are not satisfied with just a cup of black coffee. Indeed, it is much more than…

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Discover the customs that inspire the USA

The American way of life has always fascinated the whole world. Freedom, simplicity, grandeur… This country has been able to spread its enriching culture all over the globe. Comprising several federal states, the United States also has many traditions of…

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What words and expressions are commonly used during a stay in the USA?

Are you preparing for a trip to the United States? You have packed your bags and defined all your destinations. Everything seems to be ready, but you have forgotten one important and indispensable thing: your language trip. You don’t have…

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