What words and expressions are commonly used during a stay in the USA?

Are you preparing for a trip to the United States? You have packed your bags and defined all your destinations. Everything seems to be ready, but you have forgotten one important and indispensable thing: your language trip. You don't have to learn the whole language, you only need to learn a few expressions and words that are common in the everyday life of Americans.

Description of the English language

English is a more or less complicated language, but if you follow a few rules, you will be able to master it, starting with correct pronunciation. For example, the pronunciation of TH is done by placing the upper incisors on the tip of the tongue. The letter K is silent when placed in front of an N like "know, knife, ..." The GH is mute, as in "right, night" while the H is always pronounced, as in "help". The R is pronounced like a W. For vowels, the A is pronounced like "uh" and the I is pronounced like "ouch". The vowel E is pronounced as "i", and two successive O's are pronounced "or". On the other hand, the auxiliary "do" is pronounced like the French word "doux". Apart from pronunciation, English works rhythmically, in which the first syllable carries the accent.

Common Words and Basic Phrases

To learn a foreign language, it's often necessary to start with the phrase "Hello, how are you?" These expressions will allow you to engage in a conversation with Americans. You must also train your ears to hear the English words necessary for your trip to the United States. The basis of hello, how are you translated as hello, what's up in a common context, although it can also be translated as good morning, how are you in a more sustained context. You also need to get used to the main expressions like Ça va bien merci, and translate into I am fine thank you, and you ? Today in Today When in When ? Goodbye in Goodbye and Merci in Thank you, among others. By mastering these common words and basic expressions, you will be able to make your approach easier. Without practice, you will not know, for example, the meaning of Est-ce que vous parlez français ? "Do you speak French?" Basically, they're all essential words in the United States. You also need to learn numbers in English as well as the 7 days of the week and the 12 months of the year. In addition, the vocabulary you will need will depend on the reason for your trip and the places you are going to visit.

Common vocabularies for a business trip

If you are planning to travel for business or even trade in the United States, there are some indispensable words in the USA that you need to master in order to be understood as well as to be able to understand. To say : How much is it ? = How much is it ? It's very expensive = It's too expensive. It's very affordable = It's very cheap. You have to take some English classes, so you don't fail in your mission. For a reason of price negotiation, it would be useful for you to have some knowledge about it. Can you lower the price ? = Could you lower the price ? At customs, you should know the following words: ID (Identity Card), foreign currency "foreign currency", customs officer "customer officer", passport "passport", personal effects "personal effects", vacation "vacation". To say: nothing to declare? nothing to declare? And to say : what is the reason of your trip ? = What is the reason of your trip ? By mastering these words, you will avoid a panic situation. Besides, going through customs puts all roadtrippers in trouble.

Common words depending on the place

Since you are going to be in public places, there are some indispensable words to learn in the USA. To go to a restaurant, you need to know the right words and phrases, such as the bill for "the bill". To have a good time, your only option is to know related vocabularies, such as: drink = drink, soft drink = soft drink, lunch = lunch. The dish of the day is "specials", dessert is "dessert". Pronunciations are also important in English. Therefore, you should practice before leaving for another country. At the hotel, to ask for a room = Do you have any rooms ? What is the rate of this room? = What is the rate of this room? Here are the essential words to go to the city, like subway = " subway ", on the right: " on the right ", on the left: " on the left ". If you're a shopping addict, learn some common vocabulary like boutique = "shop", market = "market". To explore this land of a thousand wonders, you need to study English well. Taking a private lesson is an idea to consider.
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