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The Dollar: Focus on the U.S. Currency

The U.S. dollar is an international trading currency. It is used for trade in the United States and almost all over the world. It is one of the currencies that are a universal monetary medium. Apart from the U.S. dollar,…

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How do you make friends when you arrive in the United States?

Whether you have been promoted, taken a new job, or just need a change – moving to a new city like the United States can be a scary one. You’ve been uprooted from your social circle, separated from your former…

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Tips for differentiating British English from American English

The British and Americans may share the same language, but there are still differences between speakers from the United Kingdom and the United States. Like all languages, English has differences in pronunciation, accents, words, and so on. English has two…

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Choose to be an Au Pair: the alliance between culture and learning English

Many English-speaking countries are promoting a new concept that makes it easier for young girls to learn the English language. As far as learning a language is concerned, it is one of the most effective methods. But its advantages are…

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