Most popular Universities in the USA

Who doesn't dream of finishing their studies in the biggest Universities in the World? The problem is that it is not easy to get there. You'll have to get a scholarship from the school's country of origin. At the moment, the top students at the University come from only one country, which is America. You should save up or put a big budget to go there. There are some students who put a lot of effort in school, they become the top of the class. Afterwards, they get financial aid or scholarships from the state where they want to go. Here are the 5 universities that are brilliant and have great prestige. Harvard, Yale, Universty of Pennsylvanian, Princeton, Colombia, Brown, Dartmouth College and Cornell University.

Princeton University

A school founded in 1746, the 4th oldest university in America. It has grown over the years and has been evolving since 1900. Each institution has its motto, for this university, theirs is "Under the power of God it flourishes". If we describe it in numbers, in 1969 girls could enroll. In the school year 2012-2013: there were 5264 undergraduates and 2648 graduates. At the moment there are 1100 teachers of all subjects. On the campus, there will be 180 buildings. In the 10 bookstores or libraries it owns, in all they make up 13 million books. A Nobel Prize has been won by 15 alumni. From the school year 2014-2015, registration costs more and more: 58965 dollars. Here are some alumni of this famous University: the writer Scott Fitzegarld, Steve Forbes (the founder and President of Forbes Inc.). Ethan Coen (half of the Coen brothers' shock duo), the wife of the 44th President of the United States: Michelle Obama. Finally, the millionaire who founded Amazon: Jeff Bezos. For more information, please visit online platforms such as GlobalExam if you are interested in learning more about English language exams such as IELTS, TOEIC TOEFL.

Harvard University

It was established in 1636, which places it as the oldest of the American universities. Its founder is John Harvard from where he bequeathed all his books and half of his estate to the school. It is the richest university in the world compared to all its competitors. Its first rival is Yale. Its motto is "Veritas". In the field of numbers at the moment, it counts 323,000 alumni since its creation. The Harvard Annex with 27 students at the very beginning, the year 1879. He has already won 47 Nobel Prizes and 28 Pulitzer Prizes. In 1995, the great doctors who graduated from Harvard Medical School developed the cholera vaccine. The school fee since the school year 2013-2014 and rises every year is 56407 dollars. Here are some alumni of this University: several Presidents of the United States like John Adams (2nd), John Quincy Adams (6th), Tutherford-Birchard Hayes (19th), Teddy Roosevelt (26th), Franklin Roosevelt (32nd), John Kennedy (35th), George Bush (43rd), and the last Barack Obama. Actors and actresses like Tommy Lee Jones, Matt Damon and Natalie Portman. Microsoft's brains: Bill Gates and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Yale and Columbia University

These two schools are less well known but are among the best American universities. Yale, which was founded in 1702. It has the second largest library in the American country. Its idols were Oxford and Cambridge. It has 11,000 American students and 108 foreign students. Its motto is "Light and Truth". In figures, the year 1869 was the year in which they received the first graduates. The main campus consists of 125 hectares of land and 260 buildings. It has more buildings than Princeton: 15 million in total. In 2012, we counted the number of alumni, they were 168987 alive. Tuition at this institution is $42300, but with the accommodation fee it goes up to $58600. Here are the alumni who have already studied at this university: presidents like George Bush, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney. Some actors and actresses like Ben Stein, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Connelly, Edward Norton, Claire Danes, Jodie Foster. Columbia, a university founded in 1754. It was Michael Sovern in the 80s who made sure that the school met strong developments. The motto is "In lumine Tuovidebimus" or "By the light we shall see the light". The tuition is 46846 dollars or 64144 dollars in total with books and accommodation. Stanford University A school established in 1885 that opened its doors to 555 students. It has been damaged twice during earthquakes. These were in 1906 and 1989. And that's when they thought building a real campus was the only way to harden it. The motto is "the wind of freedom blows". This best American university consists of 7 schools, 700 main buildings. It has won 22 Nobel prizes and has 20,000 parking spaces and 7 other car parks. For two-wheeled traffic: there are 18,000 bicycle spaces and more than 20km of cycle tracks. For water reservoirs, there are several such as 25 fountains and 3 water tanks. It also has a floral space like 43000 trees with 800 species of plants. The advantage with its campus is that they can accommodate the undergraduates who constitute 97%. Here are some alumni of this university: the creators of Hewlett-Packard who are William Hewlett and David Packard. President Herbert Hoover and four Supreme Court justices. A writer named John Steinbeck, the one who founded the Dolby Laboratories: Ray Dolby and Bradford Parkinson: the inventor of GPS. There was Sally who was the American woman who first set foot in space.
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