To make a road trip in the USA is an opportunity not to be missed to discover the country from another angle. However, there are certain details that should be examined carefully to ensure an authentic stay. Indeed, you must leave at the right time and place, and anticipate the stay to leave with peace of mind.

When to leave and what are the formalities?

The Southwestern United States is the place to be if you want to enjoy a unique road trip experience. You will certainly appreciate the landscape of valleys and mountains. The months of May and September are the most favorable. However, if you like the sun, you can experience a sensational adventure from June to August. This is the hot season, when the temperature can go up to 50°C in some parts of the territory. For a road trip in Florida, choose autumn (October to May) or winter. On the other hand, to visit the Wilderness and Colorado, you should leave between July and August. The temperature is around 30°C and the scenery is really sumptuous. It is the same for discovering the North of the USA. From December until April, the temperature is very low, which can drop below 20°, especially between December and February. For formalities, a passport valid for more than 6 months at the time of your entry into the United States is required. If it is a biometric passport, and you are a French national, you are exempt from visa requirements for a stay of 90 days at most. On the other hand, you would have to apply for an ESTA. This is a travel authorization that you can obtain online. All you have to do is answer a few questions. Your ESTA will be emailed to you within a few hours. It is your ticket to the USA.

How to prepare your trip?

It is very important to prepare a road trip to the USA as soon as possible. By booking in advance, you can benefit from more choice and access to a more attractive price. Therefore, remember to book your flight to the USA as soon as possible. To find a cheap ticket, compare the offers offered by different insurance companies. You can also use a flight comparator to find great deals. Another way to reduce your bill is to leave mid-week, very late at night or very early in the morning. Then, be aware that most bookings can be cancelled at no charge. Depending on your itinerary, determine the type of accommodation you should rent for a memorable stay. In a hotel, you should expect to pay about 10 euros per night for a double room. If your budget is more limited, choose a private rental. Accommodation is more affordable and gives you access to a full range of facilities. You can therefore cook at your own pace, which will save you a lot of money. The motel is nevertheless the most judicious choice. It is the emblematic lodging of the American roads. It is accessible even without reservation. You want to be close to nature? Opt for a campground or a cabin. To help you find the best addresses, go on the forums and ask the opinions of Internet users who have already had the opportunity to make a road trip in the USA.

Which car should I choose for a road trip in the USA?

When preparing a road trip in the USA, you must list the different alternatives concerning the rental car. The car rental companies offer a very wide range. You can therefore adapt the choice according to your budget. Since you are going to stay in your car for several hours, don't banter about comfort. You need an off-road car that can withstand kilometres and is adapted to the state of rough roads. In the USA, you will easily find a vehicle at a good price. However, don't forget to take out liability insurance as well as insurance against damage and theft. You can never be too careful! Also, it is advisable to choose unlimited mileage, otherwise the extra miles will cost you a fortune. Good to know: You don't need an international permit.

How to prepare your itinerary for an exceptional road trip in the USA?

To prepare a road trip in the USA, you need to establish a route upstream to save time and not miss any unmissable sites in the country. The principle is to adapt the route with your timing. For example, for a short stay, you should cross out certain destinations. First, determine the starting point and the arrival point. Then, compose your stay according to your expectations and interests. Also, take into account the time required to visit each site. Some parks can be visited in an hour, while others cannot. To help you organize your trip, you can rely on the advice of Internet users who have already made a road trip in the USA. But for an original and tailor-made trip, it is better to ask for the assistance of a professional of the destination. The latter will be able to compose a trip that meets your expectations and your means.