West Coast or East Coast: How to choose?

Choosing between the West coast and the East coast of France is quite difficult if you decide to go on holiday. Both parts are very interesting from a touristic point of view. They all have paradisiacal landscapes and unique places to visit. To choose the best destination, you have to take into account the needs and especially the budget.

Opting for the northwest coast for a pleasant stay

When planning a family vacation, one should choose between the west coast and the east coast. Some west coast regions of France have natural and cultural assets compared to others. Brittany, for example, is a region in its own right. It is located on the northwest coast of France and is one of the best holiday destinations. It offers a peaceful and serene landscape. It is an excellent place to rest and relax in a sterile and less polluted environment. For lovers of water sports, gastronomy and cultural monuments, Brittany would certainly be the destination that can offer everything you dream of during your holidays. Moreover, it is a place where seafood is very abundant and is even part of the local gastronomy. You can enjoy a good meal every day in a quiet and beautiful setting. It is best to go on holiday in Brittany during the spring because the landscapes are magnificent during this season.

Choosing the southwest coast for your summer holidays

The south-west of France is the ideal place to spend your holidays by the sea. It is in this region that you will find the best seaside resort in the country. Moreover, the inhabitants are very welcoming in this region and the surroundings are very friendly, excellent for family holidays. All along the coast, almost deserted beaches and beautiful landscapes with fine sand can be found. Many charming places exist in this French region. As far as accommodation is concerned, there is no need to worry about quality. This coast offers various types of accommodation such as gîtes, hotels, bed and breakfast, etc. The best destination on this coast is the Loire-Atlantique. This region is perfect for a family holiday, a romantic stay or a weekend with friends. During your stay, you can do several activities like camping or enjoy the beach and the sun on the coast. In this region, the landscapes are breathtaking and preserved. You can really feel free and in harmony in this place. The places are excellent for camping, especially if you decide to settle close to the coast. For the holidays, they will be pleasant and friendly.

The south-east coast: the best holiday destination

The most beautiful beaches can be found on the south-east coast of France. One example is the Notre-Dame beach on the island of Porquerolles. This place is completely deserted during the whole season. This makes it a better place for holidays if you want to escape from the cold winter in France. This island has a great ecotouristic diversity thanks to its magnificent coasts. When you are on this seaside destination, you can really relax and unwind. In addition, the beaches of the Massif de l'Esterel are among the destinations on the French Riviera. Surrounded by volcanic cliffs, they are a must when you want to spend your holidays on the east coast. You can practice many activities in this place such as scuba diving, hiking, discovering the Calanques by catamaran or a simple walk on the open sea. It is a natural jewel belonging to the south-east coast of France. It is in this case a good idea for a holiday.

The coasts of Marseille and its creeks: a leading destination on the east coast of France

The Calanques de Marseille are nature reserves located along the Marseille coast as far as the city of Cassis. This natural park of the calanques attracts many tourists from all over the world to enjoy its beautiful seascapes. You can spend a whole day at the calanque d'En-Vau. It is the most visited place in the creeks of Marseille in Cassis. You can make a walking tour in this place from La Grandiole or Port-Miou. You can also enjoy a beautiful landscape at the top of the creeks. It is quite possible to navigate on the coasts of the Calanques by kayak. It is one of the interesting activities to discover the enigmatic and secret corners of the Calanques. In addition, the Calanque de Figuerolles can also be a destination in the coasts of Marseille to Cassis. This calanque is located near the picturesque village of La Ciotat. This place is enclosed between the ochre massifs. Its beach is often deserted and offers a magnificent seaside landscape with turquoise and crystalline waters.
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