Study in the USA and discover the American dream

Yes, you can! Are you tempted by an adventure across the Atlantic? Go for it! Before you pack your bags, make sure to prepare well for your stay in the USA.
It’s up to you to find the plan that suits you best, depending on your age, your level of education, your field of study or your professional project…
There’s always a school or university right for you in the USA! Registration, global exam requirements, scholarship, accommodation, they’re are all key to achieving your dream to study in America. The requirements to enter the country can be a nail biting experience. But the reward is definitely worth a try!


College, university, private institute, which type of school should you attend if you want to study in the USA? What is the registration process, you college, credits, certification equivalence? All questions you’ll have to address before you can be accepted in a US school. may help you with it!

Studying in the USA is easier than you might think

Are you dreaming of studying in New York or Los Angeles? Now it’s easier than ever when you contact specialized agencies to help you navigate the process. Their programs offer usually much more than one-year language stays. It can be a full integration in a high school program for those without a bachelor’s degree, or in a university for higher education students.

Foreign students without the equivalent of the French baccalaureate can take a SAT or TOEFL test and get a US High School diploma. They can also apply for a College degree, and depending on their field of study, choose between business, design, engineering, etc.)



Before you select an agency to help you study in the USA, make sure it can organize information sessions, one-to-one meetings and have all the know-how and experience needed. Needless to say, the student needs to choose the perfect orientation. A good agency should be able to provide coaching services not just to help prepare your trip but throughout your stay as well.


The federal government provides scholarships at the graduate and undergraduate level. Their purpose is to help the best students succeed in their studies. They are very selective because they get more applications than there are scholarship available. You’ll have a better chance of getting one from local governments, foundations, and private institutions.


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