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Go on a study journey across the Atlantic now!

Yes, you can! If you’re tempted by an adventure across the Atlantic, go for it! But before you pack your bags, it is crucial that you prepare well for your stay in the United States. It’s up to you to find the right formula according to your age, your level of education, your field of study and your professional project… There will always be a school or university that is right for you in the USA! Successfully going through applications, potential global exam sessions, college scholarship search and accommodation hunting is key to achieving any American study dream. It’s true that the conditions of entry into the country alone could give your nerves a beating. But the reward is definitely worth a try!

Study in the USA: so many questions to be answered

College, university, institute… which school to choose if you want to study in the USA? And what are the registration procedures, the equivalence of diplomas and certificates? These are all questions that need to be addressed in order to have a successful stay in the United States. We help you do so!

Studying in the USA is easier than you might think

So you dream of doing part of your studies in New York or Los Angeles? Well, you should know achieving this is now easier than it has ever been thanks to agencies specialized in offering this type of international experience,. These programs are usually much more than one-year language stays. They are real immersion, in a high school for those without a bachelor’s degree or in a university for higher education students.

For instance, a young person without a what it’s commonly called baccalaureate in Europe can take the Associate Degree and after two years obtain the American Baccalaureate, i.e. the US high school diploma. Students can then choose their field of study between business, design, engineering, etc.)

Language stays in the USA

The formula is a “classic”, well-known, but no less interesting one. Among the options for language stays, the “One to One” formula rhymes with total immersion, since the accommodation is usually with a host family. Plan from 2 to 5 hours of classes per day. Individual classes, depending on the option, take place directly with the host family, but most often in a language school.

Intensive courses, usually with 30 to 35 hours per week, are for those who wish to make rapid progress. As for theme stays (sports activities, music, etc.), contrary to what might sometimes be believed, they are not only for teenagers. Finally, it is impossible for us not to mention Au Pair stays: they allow you to live in a family while taking care of the children. Definitely another great avenue worth exploring…

Pick the right agency, if any...

One that can assist you throughout your USA study journey

Before choosing an agency through which you can go to the USA for a study or language stay, make sure they have enough know-how and experience and that they do organize information meetings and one-on-one interview sessions. It’s needless to say that it’s crucial that students are perfectly oriented. They might also choose to set up a coaching service to provide advice before departure, but also throughout the stay.

Why you should study in the USA

A high-level university teaching

Very accessible means of learning

Substantial resources and material means

Stimulating university studies

Demanding and diversified curricula

Financing your studes in the USA

The scholarships coming from the American government are all for the graduate level and are intended for the best students. They are very selective because the number of students applying is greater than the number of spots available. You will have a better chance of getting one from your local government or from private organizations.